When it comes to doing, sometimes I'm on overload.  I like formulating an idea, then working my tail off to get it done.  The working part, the schedules and plans are not the pretty stuff, but I do it.  We just don't understand how much effort goes into ideas that never get results.  Sometimes the work doesn't always justified the result, so plans change, direction changes, things fail, and that's just life.

Admiring the person that does, get us away from the person that has.  Some people admire a businessperson that has a lot of money or the governor, statesman, rock star that has, but never understanding the work that was involve in getting there.  In Paul Allen's book The Idea Man (co-founder of Microsoft) he talks about he and his friend Bill Gates wrote million lines of code.  A million!  Gates sucked Tang (in case you don't know it orange) to keep his energy level up had orange tongue and would pass out on the floor through exhaustion.  Incredible amount of energy it takes to get things done.  What the average person notices is that Gates is worth about 40 plus billion.

Admiring the person that does rather than the one that has it made.  Talent or real genius makes things look easy.  But even in the mist of admiration, they had to develop their talent.  Tiger Woods started with his father when he was very young.  HIs father realized he had some talent, but he worked him hard.  Woods developed his skill through hard labor and discipline.  Though he had the talent, he still has work very hard.  We admire the talent without understanding the labor involve.  I admire that fact is he is a doing, always perfecting his swing, always working to be better.
Quills with Geoffrey Rush

I saw this film several years ago.  Rush plays a Marquis de Sade trapped inside a prison all he had left is his writing.  His tales are sordid sexual truths which take France by storm.  Everyone hates them, but can't wait to read every episode.

Kate Winslet of Pirates of the Caribbean plays a chambermaid whose interest in the writer, de Sade, is the aliveness she feels when she reads his stories.  She places herself in danger to get his stories out of the prison walls into a publisher's hand.

Book Thief with Geoffrey Rush

Rush plays a benevolence father figure to a foster girl who has just lost her brother on a train and must stay with him on Heaven Street in Germany during War World II.

Rush is not the main character in this movie, but his acting is excellence.  He make this little girl feel at home in back drop of Hitler's terror on the German people.  Her only crime is wanting to learn and soon she finds solace in books.  These books she borrows from a rich baroness  who has a complete library.  The baroness processes  a library amid the burning of books by Nazis.

If you are interested in Geoffrey Rush these are some other films: The Tailor of Panama, The King's Speech 

Having fun before worrying about making money.

First Person: Why I'm Having Fun First


Being unconventional in my business practice got me promoted several times.

First Person: How My Unconventional Act Got Me Promoted


Investing in the second largest homeowner in the country.  I got in at $15.99 as IPO.  It's currently trading around $18.40 a share within a year, plus is pays dividends.

First Person: Can American Homes 4 Rent REIT Be My Next Great Stock Pick?

Mark Zuckerberg is smiling and so am I.

I remember all those so called experts reporting that Facebook didn't have a game plan, that the stock was going to fail, it was undervalued, and yet here we are with Facebook up over 50% this year.  Up at least 98% for me since I purchased the stock as an IPO.  Whose the expert now? 

Well, I'm not going to get too full of myself, I did sell a few shares back when they hit a low, but kept most of them.  Facebook has over a billion users and that's a marketing base they can use and have.

Here's some numbers:

  • Revenue for second quarter up $2.91 billion up 61% over $1.81 billion in 2013
  • Advertising revenue $2.68 billion up 67% over 2013
  • Mobile advertising up 62%
  • Net income 791 million up 131% over 2013

And that's why Mark and I are smiling.

Baidu "The Google of China" slams pass its all time high today

Baidu was up to $226.50 an all time high.  I got in around $82.25 so I'm really enjoying this ride.  A lot of investors are afraid of Chinese stock but Baidu has tapped into China's fast mobile aggressive market. They surfed the web with mobile applications.  Baidu is up 27% this year beating the market at 19% and turned in a profit of $573.6 million up 37% over last year.

I have sold some position in the stock over the years to loosen up cash for other investments, but still maintain a healthy stash.  It is the stock to watch.  Baidu has gone from $8 a share to over $800 share before splitting ten to one. If China continues to keep Google, Yahoo, and Bing out of their market, a company like Baidu will continue to dominate.

Qihoo 360 Technology LTD a software you can't live without

Another Chinese company that developed antivirus software, search engine capacity  for mobile applications was up 50% this year.  According to Investors.com China's mobile use has surpassed PC us which makes Qihoo and other brand web servers wealthy.  It has been up over 175

For additional reading on Baidu and Qihoo:

My wife deserves all the credit for this one.  She loves to find bargains.  And when we wanted to purchase our first Jeep, we went to a Ford dealership.  I had done the research on-line to determine the price range.  We loosen up some cash from our investments.  If you can negotiate with cash it is better for you and we started on our journey.

Since my Yahoo articles will go away after this month, I hope you don't mind reading several ideas I wrote for them on how I saved money on buying my Jeep.  If this is like of tacky, let me know.

How We Saved Money Buying Our New Jeep

Keep Your Place Clean

I'm a landlord and over many, many years, I find that I'm not willing to raise rent on tenants who go out of their way to maintain their units.  We had one tenant who lived in our rental house for over twenty years and we raised his rent only three times in that period.  Why?  Because he painted the house, replaced the carpet (he had dogs that torn it up), repaired the kitchen and the list goes on.  When he left after those twenty years to purchase a home, we could raise the rent by 90% and get it.

Paying that rent on time

No landlord wants to raise rent on a great tenant.  I stayed in an apartment unit for over 13 years in Los Angeles and the manager raised my rent rarely.  Landlords that are smart want to keep great tenants.  It's just good business, so if you are one of those tenants that are always late with your rent, be prepare for an increase in the future.

Other ideas from my Yahoo.com article.

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Being a foster parent for the Humane Society, we get an opportunity to house several interesting cats.  We have had several litters grow up in our bathrooms, and nursed an aging cat, Raisin until it was time for her to be put down.  Each cat that enters this house has their own personality.

Our Ashlyn's breathing problem sounds like a roar

Ashlyn is the most attentive cat we have had so far.  Ashlyn usually sits at the door entrance waiting for us to come home.  Once we enter, she sits up and begins toward us for her nightly rubs.  If you didn't know she had a breathing issues, she sounds like she growling at you.  Our friends think that she's ready to attack them, and we just say, no she just snorts.

Her snorting is a loud strange noise that comes from somewhere back in her throat.  And yes, it's an odd sound, nothing befitting a small kitten, so that you could mistaken it for a roar.  

She a guard cat we tell them and we sometimes leave it as that.
When Our Friend Visit from Panama

My friends arrived yesterday from The Republic of Panama.  We plastered their faces all over our Facebook page.  Even though we met in Panama, they are Americans from Florida and Vermont.  Hadn't seen them in a year, so we had so much to talk about.  The mixture of our conversation ranged from Panama's political makeup with the new president to President Obama and Congress acting like children.

There was plenty of wine, Vegan food, beer, and laughter

It' really moments like this when you know life, no matter how stressful some situations are that it's okay.  My friends kept drinking, kept eating, laughing and conveying new information about their lives.  All our women friends are grandmothers now, some still talked to their ex-husbands, and most have travelled aboard.  Education and certification is behind this group of friends, where all of us have college degrees, except one, and have no interest of returning to school.


I love hearing about my friends' accomplishments.  How they have sold their businesses, moved to Panama, built another business and even just retired from their jobs.  They enjoy bragging about their children and how cute their grandchildren are.  Two of my friends have become vegans, we ate one of their recipes, enjoyed it.

Highland Ridge Community Development Group

I like telling them about being president of The Highland Ridge Community Development Corporation.  How we as a non-profit. development corporation were able to help our neighbors.  How we raised money to help seniors and veterans and how much work it really is.  

Before the night is over, we are exhausted, feeling fine from the wine, go to bed.  They left today early and I miss them already.

I enjoy walking into a library, sitting around all the stacks of books, picking out the ones that suit me and taking it home.  I have library cards from every place I lived.  So when a local school district wanted to cut its funds to the library in my community I went to protest.

They raised taxes to a budget of over 50 million and to save money they cut $26,000 to the library.  Most of the community was outraged.  Since this same school district was paying a fired superintendent over $170,000 because of some contract issues.  They also had other expenses and admitted they mismanaged their money. I felt you couldn't find $26,000 in your budget.  No they couldn't.

I sat with my wife in the first row, holding up "Protect Our Library" sign and they only heard voices from their district, so I couldn't say anything, and when the vote was over.  It was over.

Our library depends on several school districts for its funding.  It's been an agreement since the 1960's they would support the library.  There was no contract, so the library couldn't sue the district.  They had to cut several services.

When you closed down libraries, you limited an opportunity for resources that some members of our community don't have access to.  Computers for research and job hunting, vast data base for government grants, and of course the books and magazines.  My wife and I took a grant writing class for free through the  library.  A database showed that my great-grandfather was oldest living person in the town before he passed.  He lived to be over 100 years old and he had only one child, Fred Fleet, my grandfather and my namesake.  Additional programs for libraries include: reading classes, meeting places, book reviews, chess instructions, historical record keeping and the list goes on.

Library needs to be saved.