I get to play a small part in this new episode.  The Search for Chase from E-Nertia Global Enterprise.  Will this trailer break all YouTube records?
Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd has grown 200% in two years 

Qihoo has been one of favorite Chinese stocks which I purchased at $32 is trading below the market at $74.19 up 4% today based on beating the market predictions of revenues.  Qihoo (QIHU) is quickly taking off as a web search engine taking market share from Baidu (BIDU) search mammoth.

Qihoo started out as PC computer company that rapidly grew into mobile application powerhouse.  When I was doing the research a few years ago, it had developed software for virus control for their mobile application.

Gaming is driving Qihoo revenues.  Looking at capturing market which grew 158% according to Motley Fool.

Alibaba (BABA) up 20% since IPO 

Alibaba offered its stock offering was largest in history.  Ed Carson wrote for Investors.com

"Alibaba isn't just huge, it enjoys juicy margins on its revenue — 55.2% in 2013. The company could be facing some margin pressure as it bulks up its mobile capability. Revenue rose 53% in Q3 — in large part due to mobile growth — but earnings increased just 15%."

Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/technology/112314-727712-alibaba-facebook-visa-celgene-stocks-have-great-profit-margins.htm#ixzz3K6POXHaN 
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IBM up 5.7% to $170.92

According to Mark Krantz who writes for USA Today Money stated that analysts are looking at several stocks to push the DOW over 18,345.  Well I been writing that IBM low cost around $162 will go up.  Analyst are seeing better than average gains for other stocks that I write about including: Home Depot (HD) up 6% to $104.17,  and Chevron (CVX) up 13% to $133.27.

These stock I've had own for several years and experienced triple digit growth.

I am looking forward to profitable year within my stock portfolio.  Analyst believe that the next 18 months we can expect above average gains. Problems with experts that they have been wrong before.  However, let's break it down to this, we know that interest rates will creep back up, the employment market is improving, the dollar is fairing better in the international market place and besides battling ISIS and Obama against the GOP Congress, we are better off than we have been in awhile

It been the most expensive election in history 

GOP spent billions of dollars to win this election and they will have to pay a price for this. They outspent the Democrats by painting President Obama as the problem.  Now they have become the problem.  They have exhausted their negative advertising monies and will not be able to keep pressure on the president.  Voters don't care they want to see results.

Legally suing the president could cost them 2016 in spades

Most voters I have polled were not happy with Congress.  Only 20% of voters nationwide believe they are doing a good job.  While the president scores are higher than  George Bush.  Using taxpayers funds to sue the president is non-starter.  Even most of the courts don't want to be involve.

GOP unorganized

Now with all that so-called power they are still threatening to close down the government.  President Obama telling Congress to pass bills, do their job,  They are fighting within their ranks.  Forget Obamacare!  Quit wasting your time.  If the GOP doesn't come together, voters will vote them out of office.  

GOP needs to work with the president on veteran care

Show the voters who will remember in 2016 that you care about running the country.  Get your act together to help vets.  
Dollar General (NYSE:DG) over extending itself from its acquisition of Family Dollar Stores?

Was excited when Dollar General was bidding for Family Dollar Stores.  I felt the only way to expand is to buy other business when you feel that you have outgrown your market base.  However, DG made a deal with FTC Federal Trade Commission that it would agree to sell off 1500 stores as part of its  billion dollar offer according to sources at New York Post.

Family Dollar postpones shareholders meeting until Dec

Family Dollar delays the shareholder vote until December.  Dollar General forcing a hostile takeover.  In September Family Dollar turned down a $9.1 billion dollar deal stating that they didn't want to be apart of FTC investigation.  They are trying to authorize a sell to Dollar Tree, Inc.

Dollar General stock today was down to $65.  

Being careful about teaching our children about their bodies and sex.  Did someone go to far?  Or not far enough?  One women confession and the therapy she now seeks.

I wrote a song about celery because I was inspired by the humorist poet, Ogden Nash.    Here's my take on it.

Here I go again, talking about IBM.  IBM today is selling around $162.27 way off its high this year which was around $190.

In case my readers have never heard of IBM it's one of the largest computer company in the world.  IBM stands for International Business Machines with over 463,000 employees with a market cap or what the company is worth if someone wanted to buy it $163 billion.  It has over 463,000,000 shares outstanding.  It's a giant.

Being a giant has its drawbacks

You can only get so big and IBM is there, so it's looking at connecting with other businesses like Tweeter to continuing expanding. IBM is also working on expanding "Cloud" presence.  But when profitable quarters don't make it IBM felt the blow to its stock  from mid $180's to $161.  The stock also pays a dividend of 2.7% a share which amounts to $4.40 a share. Investor need to calculate that into the stock's value.

Bargain in those IT shares

IBM is a long term investment.  I went to several financial advisors and they told me for folks who don't want to be too risky they love IBM.  They see as holding on to value.  Warren Buffett holds on to IBM and a Sweden based financial group Nordea has over 25 billion dollar portfolio IBM is their second largest holdings.  

IBM's $3.1 billion cloud rate up from second quarter earnings of $2.8 billion excites me.   IBM's predicts cloud revenues $7 billion next year, with $4 billion from new sales, $3 billion shifts from existing services to the cloud.  While other companies in the IT business like Microsoft might have a great responds from their investors when revenues jump, IBM investors don't get excited.  Buffett and Nordea understand the mentality of the long-term investor.  IBM lost stock value on the market but not in the eyes of  investors in for the long haul.

Get the bargain now

IBM (NYSE:IBM) is at a bargain.  Yes I purchased IBM stock at $161.
If you would have asked me to volunteer a few decades ago, I want might have told you I'm not trying to save the world. Didn't want to be talking to poor people or giving up my weekends to go plant trees.  In the 1980's I was working at getting into the music business and had no time for what I considered frivolous matters.  

So what changed?  I retired and returned back to my small hometown where my parents were huge in community development projects.  My father was construction manager for Habitat for Humanity and my mother served on so many community boards that I lost trace.  But where did I fit in to all this?

My wife and I wanted to do something with our time and didn't have clue what we wanted to do.  We were invited to a community development group meeting because we were interested in upgrading the neighborhood.  We had rental property in the area and was tired of looking at the run-down properties.  The organization to which now I'm president was Highland Ridge Community Development Corporation.

HRCDC had a state grant of $500,000 called the Elm Street Grant.  This grants was design to help poor neighborhoods revitalize.  We were able before becoming board members have one our rental properties painted.  We had to put up 50% since it is was a commercial property.  The grant ran out in 2013.

I understand why people don't volunteer

It's hard for me to tell people to volunteer their precious time when I was a little hesitate about committing when I was working.  I get it so I try to find people who are passionate about their community and have a few hours a month for specific projects.  Our organization is built on volunteers and we have no paid staff.  

Volunteers come and go including board members.  Since I've been president we have replaced over 90% of the board within two years.  

Raising money to stay afloat

Non-profits name is a great misnomer.  You have to raise money to pay for all your bills.  This is a business and must operate as one.  Just because we are not for profit business we are business and our donors and sponsor expect us to have annual reports and keep track of our income and expenses along with project plans and forecast for the future.

Touching hearts and healing souls

This year I participated in planting food for the Highland Ridge Community Garden and my wife and I raised enough food to give away to the local food shelter.  Above photo is the food we gather from the garden absent my great corn crop.  

I volunteer because I feel that have been so blessed in my life that this is an opportunity to give back.  When I was into my business life it wasn't time for me to volunteer.  It has nothing to do with retiring.  It about where your heart is at this point in time. Volunteer when it's appropriate for your life.  Not because you are being force or be persuaded.  Volunteer when you are ready.

The hearts you are going touch will bring tears to your eyes.  It might be the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.  Some of the people we help can't help themselves and they are appreciative.  They have tears in their eyes when it seems like no one was willing to help them and then you and your organization comes along.  Everyone doesn't have your motives, your background, education and can't see their way out of a situation.  You enable them to see that there is greatness and goodness in the world.  They mean sometime