National news of Josh Duggars abuse charges has brought a lot bad memories to some adults who were abused as children.  They are always living those thoughts.  An ex-girlfriend who was sexually abused by her father was painful memory for her when we were dating.  She was in her late twenties at the time and was married to a much older man.  The relationship I was told was abusive.  Over the years she made every attempt to change the pattern of dating abusive men.  Her healing would take several years.  And our relationship was a brief dating period.

Below is an article written by my friend Mary Jo about another adult dealing with the problems of healing from an abusive home.

On our way back from Florida, we decided to foster Molly until her owner returned.  She was left in the house by herself.  As far as cats go, Molly is the sweetest cat we have fostered in years.   These days she talks to us and lets us know that we spend way too much time on the computer and volunteering for the community.

Because she was an inside and outside cat she was covered with fleas.  Her ears were cakes with wax and she had worms from eating the fleas.  We purchased "Pet Insurance"  at Banfield where she got a complete checkup with shots, pills and ear cleaning solution.  Molly doesn't really like going to the Vet but realizes it is making her healthier.  We are glad that Vet found no real health issues and for her age she is extremely in good shape.

After four months of Molly training us, she now plays all over the house.  Climbing upon the bed and taking over.  She has her own space in the apartment and she will let us know when we try to move her off the sheets to sleep.  She has a low sounding growl which becomes playful bites at your hand.  When Molly eats she's the neatest cat we have fostered.  There is hardly any food spilled out of her bowl.

Molly will have to be returned to her owner one day.  We are not looking forward to this but in the meantime she is ours.

The Old Dog
My wife and I were out walking our dogs the other day. I was walking our young Cocker Spaniel, Chelsea, while my spry 50-year- young wife was trotting along with Toby our older Cocker. 

Chelsea and I were so far ahead that I paused near a crossing to wait for them to catch up. While waiting, my friend passed by and started a conversation. He asked me what was I doing on that particular corner and I told him, "Waiting". He asked me who I was waiting for and I told him, "I'm waiting for the Old Dog", that's when my wife rounded the corner and showed up with Toby.

I'm still in the doghouse. 

from my poetry book Notes from a Whimsical Observer

You read a great investing tip in Wall Street, Fortune, the newspaper and your friends are all investing in this specific company, this might not be a great time for you to place your hard earn money in this stock.

I can't impress on you enough not to give in to latest trends of getting rich.  Looking for a great stock or investments in this inflated market is going to become difficult.  Concentrate on well-run companies and then sit back and give them time to pay off.  Even the most savvy of investors are having difficulty recommending investing machines for their clients.

In my own stock portfolio I'm ahead of the market by 57% but I was up at one time over 76% against the market.  I invested in IBM which has not kept up with the market but I won't sell it.  IBM has major competition itself.  IBM's CEO Virginia Rometty searches to make her company more profitable but cutting into the corporate mindset.  Her rules are simple: 1. Don't protect the past, 2. Never be defined by your product, 3. Always transform yourself.  Though these ideas sound great for managerial conference it hasn't translated to their bottom line stock prices as of yet and I'm still loosing money.  But I'm a long-term investors and knowing that IBM will again be up around $200 a share, I continue to hold on to my shares.

I have invested in other stock that I didn't follow the crowd with like Hackett Group (HCKT) a technology consultant firm which has pushed my ratios up 30% in six months.  They have returned a profitable quarter and is reflective in their stock prices today which they were up 3.34% to $11.74.  My other winner which I purchased in November is PureFunds ISE Cyper Security ETF (HACK) which has moved my portfolio along nicely.  HACK has been up since it open its doors 27%.  Today HACK is up .19% to $30.57.

Don't follow the crowd.  Don't believe everything you read even from me.  Do your research and when I get it wrong, write me.  I'm always willing to find errors in my own thinking.

I thought this article by James Altucher was extremely interesting on leadership from a drug dealer who sold a billion dollars of drugs a year.  His ideas on honesty, yes that threw me too, making your employees successful, living low key.  This article is worth a read.
When I read the The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran I stayed up all night to finish the book.  The Prophet is based on poetic dialogue between a sage character and villagers.  The questions on all subjects that people are interested in.

On the subject of children:

"Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself” 
― Kahlil GibranThe Prophet

This is one of my favorite quotes from Gibran.  "They are sons and daughters of Life long for itself"  Children are life's future.

Salma Hayek is promoting her animated film staring the characters of Gibran's most popular works The Prophet which is the best selling poetry book in the United States.  It has sold into the millions.  Hayek was in Beirut promoting the book and the movie about Lebanese writer who open the world's eyes to poetry, his philosophy, his art, and sold over 100 million copies of his masterpiece internationally.

Richard Harris recorded "The Prophet" music composed by Arif Mardin it took the book to another level for me.  Richard Harris's voice made the works of Gibran come to life and Mardin music had me singing throughout my apartment.  If you have never read the book, I suggest read it, study it, live it.

According to IMBD (International Movie Data Base) the movie was distributed last year.

Targeting Alzheimer's

My mother fell to the disease which would soon robbed her mind of everything. Scientists continue to conduct research to combat the disease.  A recent article in Science News January 2015 issue the writer Kate Baggaley wrote about  a failure of disease-fighting cell to eliminate protein fragments from the brains of people with Alzheimer's.  New treatments that would prevent the disease in mice might ease the memory issues as we age.  However, the same article reports that Patrick Mc Geer a neuroscientist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver warns that the treatments have not translated to humans.

Research shows that patients with early stages of Alzheimer's have higher amounts of these lipids fasten into these receptors on the surface of the brain.  Preventing the mind to fire normally and begin memory deterioration.  Blocking the molecule on the immune cell could prevent dementia however, the experimentation has not been conclusive.

I read another article in Science American May 2015  issue by Gary Slix where researchers have found a cluster of families in Columbia that carry a rare genetic mutation that causes Alzheimer's.

As we age our bodies will continue to feel the effect.  Our immune system will break down and we must be very knowledgeable about taking care of ourselves.  Dementia developing signs can appear in our early 40's.  My mother developed dementia later in her life around law 70's.  I witness the decline for years and many patients becomes extremely confused.  My mom disappeared from the Senior Center once where everyone panicked and started looking for her.

Am I at risk?  DNA testing could determine if you are prone to the disease.  My idea live my life day by day and not to concentrate on 
Qihoo (QIHU)

It looks like Qihoo reporting will deliver a over 5.56% increase in revenue over the what market predicted.  Read this article.  I found out about this at 11.12pm May 18.  Stock could raised early Tuesday 19th.
Each day I begin without a fuss,

To challenge what I can,

To begin what I must

Visiting Thomas Jefferson's Home was a reminder of a wonderful country we live in.  I'm thankful I have the right to open my mind to various subjects and able to speak it without fear of reprisal.  When President George W. Bush was in office I wrote several essays against his administration.  Even though some were never published, I never feared I placed myself in harm's way.

I have a lot to be thankful for.  The right to pursue my legal goals of religion, spiritual thought, economic development and creative freedom.  I'm able to read the books I want, subscribe to the newspapers I choose and marry the women I"m attracted to and in love with regardless of her race or religious beliefs.

A spiritual energy watches over me and I can call it God. I'm able to worship it as I please.  I'm able to live my life by giving back to the communities I love and direct resources to people that need it the most.  I'm not bound by my race only my imagination.  Even if the media attempts to limit me I usually soar above their definition of me and excel anyway.  The freedom to never give it to temptations of weakness, I thankful that I'm allowed to grow strong.

I'm not wealthy, or famous, or a member of a powerful organization.  These things do not define richness or wealth, I'm able to workout in the morning with muscle contracts that will lift weights, read books with normal vision, speak with audible understanding, eat and play with comfort and have ability to pray.  I am thankful for these things and more.  Each day I'm allowed to raise from my bed and be humbled by the glory of an universal mind that created it all and witness the wonder of it all.