Baidu (BIDU) China's largest search engine is up today despite a weak profit this quarter. Currently Baidu is trading at $147.16 up 6%.  Baidu continues to experiment with expanding his base it has announced that Lenovo Chairman Yang Yuanqing, chairman of Lenovo Group Ltd., and former Uber Technologies Inc. Chief Financial Officer Brent Callinicos will join Baidu’s board effective Thursday.   

Lenovo is the largest computer builder in the world located in China.  Lenovo brought out IBM computer division a few years ago.

Does this mean that Chinese market is exploding.  Alibaba (BABA) is also up today trading at $62.72 6.94% gain.  Alibaba is an e-commerce company that recently has been getting a lot of bad press.  I sold my shares of Alibaba this year which were down from their IPO price at $93 to $65 when I dumped it.  However, Alibaba looks like it bottomed out and might be a stock worth looking at.

Qihoo (QIHU) Chinese software creating internet security services company.  Sold this company this year at 120% profit has taken a slide since the Chinese correction is up today $52.20 over 9%.  I sold out over $65 so this price may be bargain.

There could be opportunities in China if one is adventurous enough to research and take note.

Reading Beating the Street by Peter Lynch reminds me why I love the stock market.  It's about finding bargains.  Lynch's book has several principles that he has incorporated over the years of managing one of the most successful funds.

Who is Peter Lynch?  Lynch managed  The Magellan Fund at Fidelity Investments from 1977 to 1990 and averaged a 29.2% return.  He understands how to look at the market through the up and down times.

Bargain Hunting was his goal along with another great investor Sir. John Templeton.  What I have learned is you can't follow the crowd.  When the market is over inflated look for markets that are having a down turn.

Currently, I'm looking for bargains.  It gets harder to search out and find when the market or analysts might hype one stock over another.  Most bargain hunters will shy away from those stocks and look for items or markets that are feared by some fund managers.

What stocks I'm looking at or markets?  China and Latin-America.  Recently I purchased a Wall Street Journal and they were highlighting the stocks in Latin-America skidding toward bottom.  China has seen the best of its years and don't except much from them now.  This is my adventure finding those companies like telephone companies, restaurants, hotels etc. that can offer me a great deal.  

Lynch writes that bargain hunter must have a strong stomach to withstand when your stock or funds seem to failing but you know you have invested in the company and confiden that it will rebound.  Facebook worried me for a long time.  My investment in the IPO was dropping at a rate that I did sell a few shares but kept most of them.  I knew that Facebook had over 800 million users at the time and they could come up with something to make money.  Today my Facebook stock has given me a return of 134% beating the market by 77%.

Many analysts gave up Facebook, but I stuck it out.  I still have Facebook stock.  Look for bargains in markets that scare others, but do your research, examine the financials, and then go for it.

A lot of consumers might like Nike but investors are trending toward the activewear of Under Armour.  Though the analyst for Canaccord Genuity Camilo Lyon holds on to his Nike stock which fell 0.5% to $115.97 I watched my Under Armour (UA) stock soar from $69.91 to $100.87 or over 44% in one year.

Under Armour has room to grow.  As I enter LA Fitness, been a member for several years, everyone is wearing more Under Armour fitness gear than Nike.  I like being on the ground level and asked consumers how they feel about the product that I've invested in.  Those who wear the gear tell me it's so comfortable.  One bartender not only told me how he enjoyed the sportswear he also invested in the company.

I'm extremely blessed and fortunate to be living in a world where I can give back to a community in need.  My wife and I were able to be successful in business and as concern community members we are able to continue to find support for our  community projects.  This is done by working with partners like Washington Financial Bank and Christina Dempster-Oravetz Assistant Vice President Community Re-investment Officer from Washington Financial.  

I am president of The Highland Ridge Community Development Corporation (HRCDC) a non-profit corporation that raises money to beautify our city with trash bins along our smaller city street to contain garbage deposal, a community garden and flower planters along the main street for our "Keep it Green" program.  In this photo on the left is Pastor Patricia Cherry Vice-President of HRCDC.  

Our second program is "Mending Fences"  that helps keep our low-income homeowners who are Veterans, Seniors (60 and over) and permanently disabled remain in their homes.  We are able to accomplish this by having great sponsors like Washington Financial Bank.

What have we done?  Our Mending Fences program started out last year with a Youth Mission coordinated with three local churches and with 45 kids from ages 14-18 working on the worst street in city and helping every neighbor on that street.  This year we had over five churches and 75 kids and we helped over fifty homes.  Next year we are planning on over 100 kids.

The second stage of our MF program helped build porches, repairs roofs, paint, clean off property, rewiring and replacing old wiring in homes and any additional help to keep our designated homeowners out of harm's way.  This was done with help of our funders like Washington Financial Bank, Rebuild Together, The Claude Worthington Benenum Foundation and our numerous donors.

Our Mending Fences program keeps expanding with donations and volunteers from our community.  Plans of raising hopefully $100,000 to combat city blight by taking abandon properties and turning them into "Art Parks", being able to assist additional qualified applicants and expanding our community garden.

We continue to build strong partnerships like with Columbia Gas by identifying individuals who need new furnaces and with their assistance addressing the homeowners' safety concerns for the winter season.  

If you would like  to know more about our organization and how you can help:

Like us on Facebook:

There are few writers I follow or enjoy daily their financial advice and James Altucher is one of them.  He has a way of honestly bleeding on open blogs about his successes and failures.  He's one of the few financial writers over the years that informs the readers that being a successful person has its up and downs.

The Forever Portfolio is an investor's manual to understanding the stocks for the long term investor from the man who founded Stockpicker. Again in a style of writing that Altucher prefers he's able to display charts of various stocks and how they performed over the years how to determine what to look for and what to avoid.

Though his company Stockpicker was purchased by The Street the book gives practical advice.  Altucher admits he doesn't do well on TV interviews, though I enjoy his PodCast, so he was not destine to become Crammer but his books his true voice appears to keep getting better.  The Forever Portfolio is biographical exploration of Altucher educational background along with how he was able to pick successful stocks and inform an audience what to look for.  If you are interested in the stock market and investing, this books is worth a read.

You can follow Altucher on Twitter and he has his own website.

Molly was left in abandon home infested with fleas and we brought her home where she was checked out by our Vet. A few shots later, which Molly did not like at all helped kill all the fleas and Molly got a clean bill of health.

Molly has become a talker.  She is very comfortable with her new home of a few months.  When she hears us enter the hallway, she sits in the front room on the floor and talks to us.  She wants her daily back scratched.

Most of the time, she climbs up on the couch and falls asleep.  She loves sleeping with us.  My wife allows Molly to slips in between the covers and Molly sits near her head and protects her like a security guard.

Adopting and fostering cats has been an added past-time of ours.  Rescuing pets that owners have abandoned.  Leaving some kittens outside their homes to starve to death.  Local shelters are full and can't take on anymore residents.  We try to do our part.  We are not experts but just supply a lot love and patience.

I could have written this script and it was no surprise when all the GOP candidates attacked the frontrunner Donald Trump.  They made every attempt to have Trump go on the defense.  Did it work?  Not really, though Trump's numbers continued to grow candidates are busy trumping the Trumpster rather than discussing issues that matter to the party.

Trump may self-destruct all by himself, what audiences or voters are looking for in the next candidate is someone different than a career politician.  Trump has changed the landscape in this election.

The best way for GOP to continue is focus on what Chris Christie said it's really not about the candidates it's about people.  Quit looking at the polls they are all over the place depending you talk to candidates need to continue to concentrate on issues and make their case to the voters.
Most of the time, in airports I'm not looking for a bar, but for an oasis that is quiet that I can read books on my Kindle.  Currently I'm reading several books I've borrowed from the local library that I can download to the Kindle.

Reading encourages.  Reading The Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin fuels my mind with ideas of leadership and how Lincoln's mind worked.  His leadership skills of working with his rival who over time admired him and were loyal to his cause could give vital instruction to our current political leaders.

Reading allows me to escape to planets and worlds beyond my own imagination.  While reading Ian Fleming's Bond series I was struck on how different the books were from the movies.  Bond realized that every moment could be his last and wondered if this episode would take his life.  After reading the books, I decided I don't want to be a secret agent.

Those who pursue an adventurous life read, study and apply what they learn continue to grow.  Now reading isn't always the cool thing to do.  I remember those days when a bully would knock books out of my arms, but I put a stop to that, I became friends with the bullies.  

Reading continues to fuel me with ideas and as I read I take notes.  Expand your mind through the written word and don't be ashamed to admit you like to read.

Hard work doesn't bother me.  My father once told me that there are three types of people in this world: one, those that are beautiful that they get by because of their looks; second those that are so intelligent that they surpass everyone by their brilliance and third those that work hard.  He said son, you are going to have to work very hard.  I've been working hard ever since.

I purchased my first car at fifteen for $750.  It was only five years old. I had saved my money by working weekends for my father.  I really didn't enjoy the work, but I loved the paydays.  Before I went to high school I paid for my own clothes, books, car and any education I wanted.  Learning this lesson early in my life is why I don't mind hard work.

But I do mind working hard.  I find ways to make the job easier and fun.  This paint brush to the heavens was an effort for me to make my life manageable.  We own a rental properties, where the building is over four stories, I had to paint the top boards that were the paint was peeling.  I hired a contractor but later decided on taking care of it myself.  Went to Home Depot purchase a forty foot pole, took my time, and completed the job before it started to rain.  My wife was afraid of me using the a forty foot ladder and climbing over electrical lines so this my second approach.

There was a question on Facebook yesterday does hard work make your successful?  Well, not always it depends on what you are working hard at.  Some people work hard at doing nothing or illegal activity, what are you focused on.  And sometimes, working hard at a bad program or an event that is not working may not lead you to the success you seek.  Working toward a goal and mindful of the outcome gives you a successful event even when fault with mistakes and missteps.  I enjoy working smart but I don't shy away from hard work and neither should you.

Irene Bergman is over 100 and is still going strong on Wall Street investing for her clients.  Check out her story.