Writing about making money

Even in my leaving Pennsylvania for California for entertainment industry it was never about making tons of money.  It was always about enjoying my life.  Several millionaire I met along the way were divorce, not happy, struggling with spiritual issues, depressed but they had a lot of dough.  Don't make your life about the money.

Growing up in a family business my father was extremely concerned about making money everyday.  He had a family to raise.  He was so clever at how to appear to be stupid while being very brilliant.  He taught me to be dumb like a fox.  To never allow anyone to know how smart you were but a the end of the day get the money.  Some of these lessons were lost on me.  I thought it was better to be a little smarter in your face and then get the money through performance.

Enjoy your life

In Los Angeles I enjoy my life.  I was able to visit museums, libraries, movie theaters, plays, read all the books I could buy or borrow and later that evening live in a safe and sometimes quiet environment.  I was never obsessed with earning huge amounts of money but more interested in creating a decent life style.  My life was manageable.  Stress was within required limits and I enjoy a decent lifestyle.

Weekends were spent at farmers markets, poetry readings, strip clubs for women and comic book stores.  My current library is filled with over 4,000 books most I've read and a small robotic kit which allows me to program the robot to get beer from our refrigerator.

Find someone who enjoy life as well

There are so many secrets to life that I wish I could write about all them.  The ones that bowl me over are the ones that question the deeper meaning of your existence by questioning your relationship to cash.  Yes you need it.  Must have it to survive but are you a slave to it.

In the end, Ben Franklin understood the meaning of commerce, but realized how to make it work for him.  I like stocks, Ben sold franchises of a printing business to various investors.  He was able through his daughter and wife to capitalize the business then gain 50% return on his cash if research is correct.  He gave but found ways to increase his money by creating a business to outlive him.

But money was not his business.  His business was study life and science.  He needed an amount of money to do it, but he didn't risk his entire existence trying to figure out to constantly make more money.

I'm not rich, but I'm rich in spirit.  Living life without falling into traps of excuses, lingering too long on my mistakes, willing to take chances, and forgiving myself when I make those awful slide into pity parties.  I continue to explore new things and take chances.  And whether they succeed or fail I'm learning from them.

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen I have read several times.  The pamphlet is only 68 pages but it's packed with useful and inspiring information.  Allen said, "Thought in the mind hath made us.  What we are."  If you believe you are successful right now where you are you are successful.  How are you defining success?

When I first moved into my apartment in Los Angeles, I believed I was a success.  It was a single apartment, not in the best part of town, but I had a clean room, quiet neighbors for the most part and I was surrounding by my books, piano, musical recording equipment, computer, printer, chemistry set and was growing a tomato garden in between the apartment buildings.  I was successful even though I was making minimum wage.  It just wan't about the money.  

Be mindful of your negative thoughts. Allen wrote, "Man is made or unmade by himself; in the armory of thought that forges the weapons by which he destroys himself;"  Our thoughts sometimes can be the weapons that betrays us.  I met millionaires, extremely successful people in my life and I'm amazed when they are not happy.  They are looking to making more money or expanding their business or have doubts about how they managed to have so much.  They questioned their talents, their life and their business decisions.  In the end, things will come apart if they are not careful about their mental processes and tame their thoughts.

We have the power to become what we so desire.  No one else has this power over us. "As a being of Power, Intelligence, and Love the lord of his own thoughts, man holds the key to every situation, and contains within himself that transforming and regenerative agency by which he may make himself what he wills."  Cary Grant created Cary Grant from being born Archibald Alexander Leach.  Grant created the character he wanted to be and became Cary Grant.  We have the imagination to become who we believe we are, if this is a positive model we are empowered.

After watching TV series "Star Trek"  all I could think about was going into space.  Tearing computers apart like Mr. Spock and reprogramming them.  I bugged my parents so bad that they finally relented to sending me to Buhl Planetarium in Pittsburgh to study space, stars, lasers and physics.

It would take me years to understand everything my professors were teaching, but I enjoyed watching the stars and dreaming one day to enter space like my hero Mr. Spock.  Finally, my parents and I decided that if I couldn't keep my grades up in science I would have to forfeit my trips to Buhl.  It wasn't cheap. But I surprise them when math and science were some of my best grades.

My father took a practical approach by telling me that Mr. Spock was just an actor and the science behind the TV was a fantasy.  It was when my professors told me that engineers built rockets and they never flew into space.  My enthusiasm for space travel weaned a little. 

Today, I have my telescope my star charts pointing toward the stars and planets and I keep my subscription to my science magazines up to date.  Maybe I don't have pointed ears but I still want to be like Mr. Spock.

the credit for the photo is Shatner and Nimoy at Dragon Con 2009 taken by Christopher taken off Wikicommons site.

Had over Two Million Viewers Reading My Pages

I wrote for Yahoo.com/contributor pages until 2013 when they closed down the division.  Out of over 300,000 contributors, I was in the top 100.  What did I learn from Yahoo?

Be brief

Yahoo requirements were less than 500 words per article.  We could write about any topic we wanted but it had to fall below the word requirement.  Sentence structures needed to be direct.  No fancy lyrical prose.  Straight to the point.

Check your facts 

Yahoo would often do a fact check and if your numbers or facts were misleading they didn't publish it.  Since I wrote a lot of articles about business I made sure that my figures were accurate.

Make it personal

Yahoo's contributor pages were from people who were not necessary experts but had valuable experiences they could share with others.  How I Lost My Shirt in China, But Saved My Pants was an article I wrote about my investment experiences with China.  I had invested in Renren (Facebook of China).  Got in the market when the stock was offered at $13 a share.  Sold out when it was around $3 a share.  But I also purchased Baidu (The Google of China) at $82 a share.  Currently my Baidu stock is worth $204 a share.

SEO (search engine optimization)

When I first start writing for Yahoo I tried placing high searchable content in my articles.  Yahoo and Google changed their programs often to weed out content filled with searchable items unrelated to the prose.  Advertisers were complaining to the search engine companies that they were not getting the most out of their money and since advertising is what pays the bills, things have to change.  And they change often.  So using SEO in your material might not always work.   It didn't work for me.

What worked for me was to just write.  Pretty soon, like this blog, I found my readers.

Yahoo discontinued the contributor pages.  It was business decision.  Yahoo was paying writers $1.50 per thousand views and I believe the advertising revenue was lacking to keep us writers paid.  Every article I wrote had advertising page next to it.  Writing for Yahoo was the most profitable writing job, I've had to date.  I sure miss it but I learn a few things by writing for Yahoo.

I worked at West Tower Pharmacy in the 1980's.  Every celebrity came into our shop. There was Steve Martin, Kenny Rogers, Mike Fleetwood just to name a few but there was none more friendlier or funnier than Jonathan Winters.

Winters was a natural.  He entered the store picked up a stuff animal and while I was working as a clerk he did a whole routine with the stuff animal.  I was laughing so hard I didn't know when to stop.  The store customers came to a halt.  We just sat and listened to this funny man.  Even the owner Larry had to stop pushing pills for a moment to give way to this genius.

I understood why Robin Williams looked on him as a hero and he was.  No other comedian who ever came to our shop stopped to entertain us.  Jonathan Winters was one in a billion.

Twitter leaps 1.77% today Facebook soared 1.07%

Are you really playing attention to the Twitter and Facebook stock?  Are you sleeping at the wheel ?  Listen Twitter (TWTR) and Facebook (FB) are making gains on the market.  Do the research listen to analyst this might be the time you might want to invest in these stock.

In Facebook my return has been 111% since I purchase the stock as IPO.  Why I am still involve?  Because Facebook keeps putting up the numbers.  Facebook launches a new programs to monitor those who are experimenting with suicide.  They are also monitoring information to give more access to users.

Let's talk numbers.  Facebook market cap is $225 billion dollars.  Profit to earnings 17.68.  I have a return on my capital 111% since I purchase the stock as IPO.  However, Facebook continues to return a profitable this year is up 3.75% over market.  Today Facebook closed out at $80.41.

Twitter is trying to follow suit.  Twitter is up 20% for the last three months.  My return is only 9.31% since the first IPO offering.  Today is selling at $49.

Pure Funds ISE Cyberspace Security ETF (HACK) after a solid earning surged 12.5% in February and has 13% increase since its debut in November.  Why I invested in the fund in November was because of all the recent reports on hacking.  Large corporations like Home Depot and Twitter have been hit.  Pure Funds track ISE Cyber Space Index and has over 30 securities in the fund all related to cyberspace protection.  No asset held is more than 5.71% of total asset.

Pure Funds is up today to $29.17.  I got in around $27.  Pure Funds raised over $300 million largely due to the news of various cyber attacks.  Their top three holdings are: CyberArk, Fireeye and Qualys.
China's Baidu is the second largest search engine in the world.  I purchased the stock May 2010 at $82. today the stock is listed at $207.20.  Baidu (BIDU) offers investors a better buy than Google (GOOG) according to Michael O'Dwyer investment writer for "The Street".  Baidu is not well known outside China which offers potential within the China.  The consumers are more willing to embrace change and innovation.  Google has been blocked from entering China.

Most brokers I have talked to don't know about Baidu and sometimes not really interested in investing in China.  Baidu is a bargain at $76 billion market cap compared to Google $360 billion cap according to O'Dwyer's article quoting source Gregory Sichenza founder of Sichenza Ross Friedman Forence.

China's internet users are 600 million strong and American companies want a piece of that business. Billionaires like Stephen Mandel and Phillippe Laffort have placed a major investment in Baidu.

Why aren't you hearing about Baidu?  My belief is most American brokers, investment consultants are not interesting in China.  I found out about the stock while searching the internet for possible investments internationally.  I have also invested in Qihoo 360 Technology (QIHU) and Alibaba Group Service LTD (BABA) and Renren (RENN).  Qihoo has return of 61% and Baidu 151%.  I sold Renren at a lost and waiting for Alibaba.  Alibaba is the largest e-commerce company in China.  It was largest IPO in history when it was offered last year.  I believe this year it will take off.  

Baidu made over $5.7 billion last year with $1.7 billion net income to common shares.  Baidu has seen growth over 40% in stock equity last year.  Currently is 20% stock equity is maintaining despite challenges from Qihoo and Alibaba.
While talking to a friend who has worked for several years in China about some investments I made into the Chinese marketplace.  We talked about Baidu, Qihoo and he knew a little about these stocks but when I mentioned Alibaba, he told me they are everywhere and they are huge.

I invested in Alibaba (BABA) during its the first public offering.  Alibaba Group Holding Limited operates an line and mobile commerce company in the China. The market cap is $203 billion.  Alibaba goal is connect buyers to sellers on various merchandise.

Alibaba’s $25.0 billion IPO (initial public offering) in September 2014.  I got in at $91 and the response was overwhelming making it the largest IPO in history.

On January 28, 2015, China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) accused Alibaba of selling fake, illegal merchandise on its websites.  Since then I've seen the stock slipped from year highs of  $120 to currently selling around $84 a share.  Alibaba has taken action to correct this judgement.

In February Alibaba announce it is cooperating with SAIC to clean up any problems with their platforms.

Alibaba was founded in 1999 and is the largest e-commerce company in China. It's closest competitor are Ebay and Amazon.  Alibaba is playing toward mobile sales which has increased to 49%.

There is opportunity in this stock to watch the numbers of the quarter revenues.  It is below in the market due to investigation of SAIC but it will rebound.  This stock just might take off thi
Do you like making films?  Would you like to help veterans and seniors in a local community?  And maybe win a special award for your film dealing with the subject?  Washington PA Film Festival sponsored by Highland Ridge Community Development Corporation (HRCDC) resolves both.  

This is our 4th annual film festival which is a fundraisers where local donors both private and corporate give money so that our organization can assist deserving veterans, seniors, disabled and low-income homeowners stabilized their homes and remain in them.  HRCDC mission is not to save the world, but to concentrate on worthy individuals through no fault of their own can't keep up the raising cost of home maintenance.

An elderly woman who can't walk upstairs needs to fix a falling ceiling over her bed before it collapses on her.  A veteran who has volunteered for area non-profits has a leaking roof in his old home and can't find a reasonable priced contractor to repair his tin roof.  An senior and veteran who has lived in the neighborhood for over 65 years didn't know if he could afford to stay in him home because of the upkeep and might have to move.  These are people our film festival funds go to.

HRCDC started out as organization over 30 years ago started by my parents who were disgusted with how the poorest of neighborhoods were being denied access to state and federal grants.  They started their own organization which grew into Highland Ridge Community Corporation incorporated in 2001.  I'm serving my second year as president and CEO.

We are completely a volunteer organization.  No one is paid.  We had over 3,000 hours of volunteer hours last year.  There are people waiting in line to see your film.

Washington PA Film Festival

Is our only fundraising event.  What type of films can you submit?  Check out our website.  Join us in our mission.  Let's have a great night of entertainment.  Last year we celebrated over 7 hours of films from a few minutes to full length motion pictures.


About Highland Ridge Community Development Corporation