Remember when several analysts where writing that Facebook (FB) was doomed?  I purchased the stock anyway.  My conclusion was that any organization that had a billion followers could somehow figure out a way to make money.

Facebook revenue soared 38% and saw revenues over $4 billion in the last quarters.  Users increased 17% to surpassing 1.4 billion and 938 million users per month.  Yesterday the Facebook stock was down 2%.

Facebook might still pass $100 a share this year.
Sometimes I spend several hours, days taking out my pencils and drawing.  Sitting in a public park in Los Angeles near the library I would draw everything I put my eyes on.  Most of drawings, I never complete or even want to show. This is one of Dalai Lama.

In my library I have several practice pads filled with characters ranging from my comic books to my girlie magazines.  There is no pattern or approach I take my pencils, outline the subject, and try to stay motivated about what I'm drawing.

How should you draw?  Like Da Vinci, keep as many notebooks as possible and keep your hands moving.  I have taken a few drawing classes over the years in subject matters that interest me like drawing flowers, plants and a graphic class with a concentration on developing cartoon panels.  Each class I learned about shading, how to use light to create a three dimensional illusion and much more.

This person was in a script writing class.  I was drawing pretty quickly so that he wouldn't notice I was staring at him. I created a few drawings of him before setting the color tone here.  I wanted to bring his face out of the background and make my drawing appear effortlessly.  It's a style I have worked on over the years and continue to perfect it.

I like pencils because they are easy for me to use.  Everything begins with a light drawing and then I can either ink it or use color pencils.  I also have experimented with crayons and pastels.  Water pencils give me an effect of water color but without the mess.  

I have framed and place many finished artwork on my walls.  It's a proud moment when someone enters the library I can tell them that all the artwork on this wall is mine.

This property was left abandoned for many years.  Then a few organizations including the city leaders partnered with a foundation received a $175,000 grant to turn this piece of cold concrete into an "Art Park".  There were going to be park tables, flower pots, murals, and a gazebo.  Volunteers planned to power wash and paint the concrete base.  

The owner had signed an easement agreement for three years in 2014 allowing volunteers and several community partners access to the property to improve it.  There was kickoff, he came, celebrated and everyone thanked him for his generous offer.  And then it happened.  Greed.

Before the "Art Park" was finished his firm placed a "For Sale" sign on the lot.  He stated in the local newspaper that the volunteers thought they owned the property.  Did he forget that he granted access to the lot in the first place?  Did he forget that he signed an easement for three years?  Or did the money offer for the property get in the way of his judgement?

The sign was pulled down for a moment in protest by one of the community partners involved the grant but soon it was returned to the lot.  The city pulled all the benches off the property and stationed them near the police station and volunteers like me felt we were used.  We were used to turn an empty trashy looking property into something valuable in the community.  The owner used us.

The funder and the city are looking for a new location for the "Art Park".  Will volunteers again come out and give their time?  We should never let one hardcore fool stop our efforts in working for others.  I'll be there. Energetic and ready to work.

Under Armour (UA) is up over 6% today reaching a high of $95.97 as of this writing.  Could Under Armour reach a $100 this year.  Under Armour for the last few years has seen rocket growth.  I watched my own stocks gain 36% since September 2014.  Since then I've seen UA product everywhere.  They are attracting the younger generation of athletics such as NBA's Steph Curry and Pro-Golfer Jordan Spieth which both athletics had extremely successful years.  The goal is to reach the younger consumers as well.

UA beats the earnings by pulling $.07 instead of the predicted $.05 and earning $783.6 million in revenue up 28.5% over last year.  However, net income fell by 17% to $14.8 million largely due to 31% increase in brand spending.

Under Armour poses a direct competition for Nike.  Its brand is everyone. It is what people are wearing in my gym more than another brand I've seen so what UA is doing is working.  This stock could reach $100 this year.

Facebook (FB) is down today 1.61% to $95.43.  I purchased FB as IPO and kept most of shares even through the bad times. I have a return 143%.  Facebook continues to face challenges of bringing home the revenue.  Even though FB dominates the mobile market with its flagship app Instagram, they calculate that 20% mobile users time is spent using FB application.  When I got my new Smartphone and I could snap photos and load them directly to my FB page wow I was excited.  FB challenge is holding on to their younger consumers.

FB is not focusing on current business but looking for the future.  Buying new technology and looking at making money.  With a billion plus users FB is the one to beat.  Even though there is no FB in China and countries like Japan and Russia attempt to limit it use FB still experiencing healthy returns.

First quarter FB generated $3.5 billion in revenue up 35%. Mobile ads were $2.2 billion with an increase of price per advertisement 285%.  FB stock has grown in equity since last year 30%.  Could Facebook see $100?  Profit earnings are coming out this month, if FB has another great quarter, well it could happen.
News just hit the streets that Marc Lore of raised $225 million had launched his company promising 10-to-20% lower prices than anywhere.  The company is posed to rival Amazon.  These kinds of adventures fuels my imagination.  As an investor however this model is risky, will he succeed and do everything that he promised.

When Facebook (FB) was IPO I got in.  At first it didn't look so good.  I sold a few share,but kept most and today my return with the company is over 120%.

Lore is the CEO of Jet.  He started Quidsi, the parent company of which he sold out to Amazon for $550 million.  ChannelAdvisors (NYSE: ECOM) a software company for dashboards which manage sales for companies like Ebay and Amazon have placed Jet on its platform.  ChannelAdvisors also a major stakeholder in Jet.
This morning I was up late and really didn't want to go to the gym.  My wife looked at me and said, " You know once you get there, you're going to enjoy it."  She was right.  Once I finally put on my workout clothes, packed my gym bag, I was ready for the gym.

Keeping your workouts loose and fun is the only way I've been able to continue my workout program for over 32 years.  I'm not trying to win any body building contest ( at least not this year) I'm trying to maintain.  By entering weightlifting contest once a year keeps me motivated.

Today, I'm in the country of Panama where it's hot, then hot, then really hot.  Upstairs there is no air-conditioning and I love it.  Putting the water bottle in the holder in the treadmill, I start very slowly then work my way up.  Warming up muscles slowly I find you don't over do it. As we age it also a good policy.

Watching all those younger bodies sweat around me, I remain concentrating on my own agenda.  After 21 minutes on the treadmill, I started on light weights.  Working out on the large muscle groups first, legs and back, then on to the smaller muscle chest and arms.  Before I realize what time it was an hour had already past.

Keeping it fun to maintain a lower weight through dieting.  Finding ways to enjoy eating healthier foods without giving up those bacon bits.  My wife in the morning makes our daily smoothies with as many vegetables and fruit we throw into the bender along with some supplements.  Looking at different recipes that are lower calories and finding interesting spices that give us the taste so we are denying ourselves anything. My wife and I are the lowest weight we have been in years.

When it's not fun anymore then it become a headache and you don't want to do it.  It becomes painful and the brain like "Anthony Robbins, in Personal Power Courses" would said we avoid pain. I went to the gym today even though I didn't feel like it because I knew it was going to be fun.
Since I purchased Alibaba (BABA) an on-line e-commerce company from China, I've been loosing money.  And for those that read my blog, you know my wife hates it when I'm loosing money.  Alibaba, my stock has been down 11%.  Problems have ranged with the company being targeted by the Chinese government for selling substandard products, fake products and lying to customers on their site.  An investigate ensued by the Chinese authorities and the stock made a major dive.

Yahoo owns 15% stake in the company and have seen their own stocks soar over 150% because of their interest, but news today that Yahoo is disappointed in the Alibaba's performance and plans on selling their stocks.  Yahoo wants to turn the monies into another company without paying any taxes to the IRS.  Well, we all know how that's going to work out.  Not really great for us small stockholders.

I still have interest in Alibaba but debating on what move I want to make.  I don't react to fires or blazing headlines, but I will keep a sharp eye on what develops with Yahoo.  For more information:
I'm sixty this year and having the time of my life.  When my wife suggested we go zip-lining I was ready, but little concern. Yes, my mind went the fear side for awhile.  I went forward anyway.

My nature is to sometimes over think things.  Sometimes my creative self can't shut up and let my adventurous side say, "It doesn't matter, we are going to have some fun".  And fun we had.

The zip-line was so far up in the mountains of Boquette, Panama that you overlook the city far below.  Why a zip-line?  Because my wife and I missed, forgot, hard-to-be believe our own wedding anniversary and we wanted to make it up for it by doing something that neither of us have ever tried.  So we decided to try a new experience, let's just take a risk.

Risk has always been a part of my life.  My first book I published in 1979 was a risk.  Knowing all the ways to make money publishing I thought, I worked several jobs to bring my ideas to reality.  I published it, sold it, and made very little money.  I went into debt, my credit cards were maxed out and I wasn't a famous writer, but it was a risk.  Matters got worst, when a pamphlet publisher contacted me and informed me they would sell my existing books, had hundreds of unsold ones, but the grammar was so bad, I would have to reprint all of them.  I didn't. I was broke.

This risk didn't stop me from writing, publishing other books, and to keep investing in my skills.  Risk doesn't mean you throw caution to the wind.  Zip-lining even though I are hanging on my our leathered gloved hands, we had safety belts, helmets, we were instructed how to slide, how to break, and if we got struck how to manage to get to the other end.  Risk comes with taking one, but understanding not to fall off the climb. The first jump was scariest, after that, it became more natural.

Those wonderful adventures we take make our life worth living.  Do not concentrate all you intellect on money, family, or friends, develop a sense of your own worth by how you interact with your own "Risk Factor".  Challenge yourself to be the best you can be.  Win or loose doesn't matter, what matter is what you have gained from the experience.

Though Salma Hayek is 48 years old, she still has wonderful shapely body curves and this month, they are being displayed in Allure Magazine.  She looks at herself in a mirror holding those wonderful bare assets.

Hayek is more than just a beautiful face she is smart, intelligent, business woman who has produce the TV Series, " Ugly Betty" and the movie "Frida".  

Residing in The Republic of Panama since 2007, I've learned that every now and then Panama takes the time to display its artful side by placing art around in some usual non-artist environment.  

Shopping can be a little dull for me.  Especially, when I'm in a hurry trying to get back home to write, read, or just relax.  

The other day while visiting the vegetable section in grocery store "Super 99", waiting for my wife to return from the spice department, I was walking around looking at all the vegetables in the produce section. When I happen to glance up at the ceiling.  It made me stop in my tracks and I was in awe.

Panama does this.  No matter where you go, there is some art being displayed in the most unlikely places.  A flare for life to changed an ordinary experience into something beyond average.  Whether I'm walking through an open parking garage or a shopping mall, if you pay attention there is something that will catch you eye.  Not everywhere, but subtle unexpected spaces. 

My wife never noticed the ceiling until I pointed it out to her.  She had been in the store a few times and just never looked up.  Sometimes you have to look up to see the art in the skies.